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Ils m’ont fait confiance


Morea Saule

Coach en carrières internationales

« I got to know Sas by being her trainer when she was on her way to becoming a Coach. I also had the privilege to be one of her Mentor’s during her process of becoming ACC Certified coach and ECPC certified coach with Erickson International.
Sas is a very dedicated Coach. She is very talented and intuitive which gives her an incredible flexibility to support her clients in the most congruent way for themselves. She is very client oriented and has a solid professional posture. I can only recommend her service for people who want to make a powerful difference in their life with being both charismatic and aligned with themselves while using another language. »


Pierre-Luc Simon

Supplier Performance Director – Labinal Power Systems

« Sas has the right approach and find the right words to give you the resources that were deeply hidden. Coaching is her second nature: « tell her who you want to be and Sas will tell you who you are. »


Bernard Aze

Senior Consultant – BA Solutions

“I had the opportunity to work with Sas. She’s a careful person, cheerful and full of humor. Her ability to adapt her sense of mastery and pedagogy makes an easy and effective learning.”